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  1. Turkey Hunters Roost
    Went up to NY for some spring turkey. One buddy and I each got jakes and the other got a jake and a longbeard (with a bow). 3 people 4 birds in 3 days. Great trip and even got some trout fishing in too!
  2. Turkey Hunters Roost
    This unseasonably warm weather in PA has got my spring turkey strings plucking pretty hard. Whipped out the calls and have been giving it a go. I've been using pretty standard 5 shot 3" turkey loads for years. Last spring I nailed a big tom at 50 yards and last fall I hit one at around 40. The...
  3. H&R/NEF Shotguns
    Hello, I have a Pardner SB1 20ga full choke single shot shotgun. I would love to take it turkey hunting in a few weeks but am having trouble finding a load that patterns well out of it. I've tried winchester and federal 3in mags in #4 and #5 shot but am having groups that would cover the whole...
  4. H&R/NEF Shotguns
    For my first year of turkey hunting I'll be hitting the field with an H&R 20ga. I know it's not the "perfect" turkey gun but it's what I have, and I know I can kill a turkey cleanly with it. My question is directed towards any one who has used one before: what choke did you find worked best and...
1-4 of 4 Results