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  1. Team 60
    So I lost the Safety Plunger Spring when transferring a safety from a Glenfield 60 to a Marlin 795 trigger guard (converting the 60 to a box magazine feed). The spring went flying and I can't find it. In looking online, I can't find the part in stock anywhere. Does anyone know the specs...
  2. 336
    Good day Marlin Family. I'm 63 years old and been right handed all my life. But my right hand lost a lot of power. So now my trigger finger is very very weak. I need to lighten the trigger pull. I bought it brand new last tax year. I had it done with my other older 3030 long time ago, but...
  3. 1894
    Does anyone have a dimensioned drawing of the 1894 sear? I believe the 336 sear is the same. Doing some trigger work and developing a sear stoning jig. I will share results.
  4. 336
    Okay, I finally got my money saved and plan to buy a 336W down the street within a week. I had been wondering if the triggers on the newer guns made in the last year or so were still heavy like some of the older 336's? More a curiosity thing I guess, since I have a gunsmith literally a block...
1-4 of 4 Results