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  1. 39A Tang Sight

    Good mornin' my fellow 39A shooters. I have three 39A's that I shoot in cowboy silhouette matches. Two are Golden Trigger, pre safety models one with a Williams Receiver sight and the other a Marble Tang sight. My question: The third 39-A is from the late forties and has two predrilled holes for...
  2. Howdy

    Welcome New Members
    A new member sending a howdy from Virginia. I am very much looking forward to meeting other Marlin owners and sharing information about 39A's. I have three of these rifles and shoot them in Cowboy Silhouette matches. Two of them are Golden Trigger pre safety and one is from the late forties. My...
  3. 1889 marlin sights

    Cowboy Rifles
    anyone have a tang sight for an 1889 marlin ? willing to trade a lyman tang sight for model 94 win