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  1. Savage rifles?

    Sporting/Target and Single Shot Rifles
    Have had several of these over the years and find them very handy multitools. This one is the Savage O/U 22 lr / 20 gauge magnum 24 C or Campers Companion. Interesting trap door and storage in the back of the stock for ammo -both 22lr and shotgun. Used for many, many animal including ptarmigan...
  2. A Girls Survival Bag / Adventure Gear

    Wilderness Living/Survivalists/Making Do
    I am big into survival skills , guns , camping , hiking , caving ,exploring Ect So I decided a while back to build a "Bugout Bag" or Survival Bag I shop at the flea market and yard sales alot and always run across Military gear / camping stuff found a brand new...
  3. VitalGrill Stove Video Review

    Wilderness Living/Survivalists/Making Do
    Merry Christmas folks! My wife got me a little woodgas stove with a battery powered fan for Christmas, since I am a camp stove collector. Thought you guys might enjoy this little video I made: NOTES: This is a review of a battery powered fan stove that was a gift from my wife this...
  4. money better spent in other places?

    The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    I have recently been reviewing my firearms for a shtf or similar situation. I am a realistic man and I do not belief shtf will be what most think, I imagine it will actaully be similar to the wild west(not the Hollywood version). I belief that human kind is adaptable, cunning, and will prosper...