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  1. Suppressed Marlin 44 Mag - Day at the Range Video

    Ranger Point Precision
    We recently completed work on a Marlin 44 Mag for a customer that included trigger and action work, an RPP medium loop lever, and shortening the barrel to 16" and threading it 9/16x24tpi. He was so happy with the rifle that he had Mr Revolver Guy at video review it with his...
  2. Suppressed Marlin 218Bee and other Marlin fun at the range today.

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    I had a go with an unusual Marlin today: 218 Bee with a suppressor:It shot very sweetly and was about as loud as an unmoderated .22LRThe gun below was new to the owner. I'd previously advised him about avoiding Post-Remington Marlins and I was relieved he'd bought a 1991 336 in 30-30. It shot...
  3. Marlin 336 as a suppressor host, what needs to be done?

    Hi all, I am looking to purchase a Marlin 336 to shoot supersonic and subsonic hand loads using a suppressor (Form1/NFA approved and $200 tax paid) I am building. I currently have a Winchester 94, 1956 vintage and as much as I like it, setting up for a suppressor would require mag tube to be...