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  1. Rimfires
    Hi all, It's unfortunate we had to meet under these circumstances, but the bolt of my rifle is jammed closed. Today, during some target practice, I had my first case rupture. The bullet fired, (target still hit too, just quietly) but the case remained in the rifle. I stopped and took it up to...
  2. 32-40 38-55/375 & Other Non Standard Caliber
    I have a 375 and the lever is stuck closed. Can anyone suggest how get it to release. Thanks in advance, bone2
  3. CAMP CARBINES 9 & 45
    Hello everybody. I new to this site and hopefully somebody here can help me out. I got a camp 9 that needs some work, but when i try to disassemble it, the bolt assembly wont come out. It seems like the extractor/ejector is stuck out like its indicating that there is a round chambered preventing...
1-3 of 3 Results