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  1. 1894 SBL Replacement Stocks

    I wanted .44 Mag + pistol grip stock: I ended up buying an 1894 SBL. But I would prefer either wood or a brown wood laminate stock and forearm. Are any of the other pistol grip models, e.g., the 1895 GBL, a drop-in replacement for the 1894 SBL?
  2. Marlin Stock Set - Polymer, Glass Filled Synthetic

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hi Gents - Our first set of Marlin "synthetic" all weather stocks is finally available. The forearm works on any centerfire model and we're starting off with a pistol grip butt stock (straight stock still needs to be designed). These robust, glass-filled polymer stocks blend traditional lines...
  3. Model 100 - 1935-38 - Hollowed Stock

    Hello, About 10 years ago my father passed down my grandfathers .22 Single Shot Bolt Action Model 100 rifle to me (Pic 1). It doesn't have a model or serial number on it, but with the help old posts on this forum and some other internet information I was able to identify that it is a Model 100...
  4. 1978 Glenfield 60 - first 22lr and first restoration attempt. Please help!

    Hello everyone, This is my 3rd gun and my very first 22lr. I got it at an amazing deal from Turners for $40 and I have to say, being in California and owning anything that's capable of more than 10 rounds (18. yessss) is somewhat dreamy for me and I am completely in love with this gun! I am...
  5. Marlin 22-250 x7vh disassembly

    The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    Hi, I am new to the forum but was looking to find out how to dismantle my marlin 22-250 x7vh? The reason I ask is I am planning on hydro dipping the stock to give it a nice cammo finish instead of the stock black Thanks, Paddy
  6. 39A Stock Carvings Deer ans Squirrel

    Rimfire Teams and 39A Stickies
    I just recently traded for this 39A Serial Number N138XX. I have been reading they may be aftermarket carvings and it depreciates the value... To tell you the truth I love this rifle, it shoots perfect, I love the carvings (they are what drew me to the rifle in the first place) and I just want...
  7. Made a stock cover for my 1895

    The 45/70 Govt.
    My "new" Marlin 45-70 Cowboy was just crying out for a leather butt cover, so I made one last night and stained it today. My goals: 1. Raise the comb a little, to allow scope use but without compromising irons 2. Increase length of pull (the gun is a little short for me- see the slo-mo vid in...
  8. 1894 stock comparability

    TEAM 1894
    G'day guys, have recently acquired a 1894m, I know that most parts are not compatible and almost impossible to find, how ever the stock is in rough shape. I was wondering if the stocks from a centre fire will fit.
  9. Need Wood for 1948 336

    I have a 1948 Mod 336SC in 30-30, serial # E 17XXX. It does not have the original stock but a crude home made replacement. Later model 336's do not have enough wood to cover the top of the rear of the rcvr where the stock retaining screw enters and not enough to cover the trigger guard plate...
  10. Marlin 336y Spikehorn: Looking For A Shorter Stock?

    I have a Marlin 336y that I bought in the year 2013. From doing some googling searching for a solution, I read that the stock on the older models are different and shorter wood stock with a bigger rubber buttpad than the most recent ones manufactured today. What the stock on my current rifle...
  11. Marlin 336 & Golden 39-A Restore

    Hey there, I have two Marlin rifles. A 336 30-30 and a Golden 39-A .22 S.L./LR. that were my grandfather's beaver and squirrel guns. I've had them for about a year now and they both shoot really well. Since they've been field tested they've been pretty beat up. I've completely broken them down...
  12. 336BL Stock Question

    When I use the receiver and forearm to scale the pictures on, the stock on the 336BL is notably shorter than the one on the 336 Deluxe (both have capped forearms for easy comparison.) In fact, scaling a 336Y to match (harder to do without a listing on their website), it...
  13. Help fitting butt stock plate Marlin 336 SC

    I just sanded down my stock and refinished it with tung oil for the first time. But I ran into a small problem, the butt plate is a little wider then the stock. I was wondering if anyone out there has ran into this in the past, and what did you do to fit it? I will post before and after photos...
  14. wood wood wood

    So for Christmas this year a good family friend has given me a beautiful piece of black walnut... has anyone on here made their own stock? I just received a marlin 336 from wally world from my fiance. I was totally floored because no one has ever bought me anything like that before. I have been...
  15. 1895 GBL checkering on stock horrible

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Ive recently purchased an 1895 GBL and the checkering on the stock is almost non existant. So I called marlin and they sent me a replacement. The one I received came and when I inspected it I found the checkering on this one to look like complete crap. It almost looked like it was just scratched...
  16. WTT: Brand New 336Y stock for New 336C stock

    This is a brand new 336Y stock. I am looking to trade even for a 336C stock. My stock is Walnut, not laminate and brand new.
  17. Has anyone tried this stock and forend? Comments?

    Open H&R/NEF Firearms Forum
    H&R/NEF Adjustable Shotforce Stock and Forend - ATI | Gun Stocks | Forends | Rails | Advanced Technology International I was thinking of putting it on a Survivor in .308 Thanks!
  18. Twisted point of view.

    The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    Well I bought my X7S 7mm-08 used about three months ago now. I finally got some perfect weather to range test it last weekend and all I can say is SON-OVA-BAN ME. I tried 2 scopes one being brand new the other my trusty test scope 4.5-16x44mm redfield gold star. Windage turret maxed out and was...
  19. 336 RC 1954 Replacement Stock

    Newbie to the forum here, looking for a little help. I've poked around, seen what a great group you all have been and wondering if you might be able to help me out. When I was about 15 (many moons ago) my Dad bought me a 336 RC serial number L91## (means it's from 1954 I believe) from a family...
  20. Need a stock for a Marlin model 989 M2 .22

    I have a Marlin model 989 M2 .22 rifle with a broken stock. I saved it from the neighbor's trash heap about 25 years ago. Does anyone have a used walnut stock for sale that will fit this model or know of a source for a new one?:questionmark: