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  1. Rimfires
    This is the gun that got a new barrel from a Marlin 880SQ. That "mod" really brought the accuracy back. Although I probably never needed to replace the barrel, I truly appreciate the extra weight and accuracy. The stripper is doing its thing while I practice drinking beer (get your mind out of...
  2. 336
    Howdy! I am in the middle of refinishing a 1974 Model 336 in 30-30. I'm replacing/correcting the "sling swivel in the bullseye" error as well as prettying up my stock. I am about ready to start staining, but heres my dilemma.. Should I insert the bullseye, sand flush etc before staining? Or...
  3. Rimfires
    My son wants to refinish the stock on his "new" Glenfield model 60. It's a 1979, and the stock is a little beat up and sun bleached. I'm all for the boy taking the initiative to hand work some wood, and improve the look and value of his rifle. Not to mention that he bought it with his own money...
1-3 of 3 Results