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  1. I found a Marlin 39M

    A few weeks ago, I found this Marlin 39M (1973) in a local gunshop for 150 euros. The mag tube was loose. I have fixed the loose mag tube and put on it a Skinner sight and a fiber optic front. The Marlin 39M is a handsome little rifle.
  2. Peep sight for 1894 .357 Mag

    Thinking about removing the scope and going to a Skinner peep sight. Any advice on options, I see there are also other sights available such as XS ghost ring sights? What is available out there and will I have to change my front sight post if I go with peep sights?
  3. 1894 Carbine with Skinner Express sight

    Skinner Sights
    This past month has been very good to me. It started when I purchased a Marlin 783 22mag with Marlin sling in excellent condition. A couple days later, I came upon a Ruger 77/22 first year model with factory sights and walnut stock at a great price. Fast-forward a couple more days, I pulled into...
  4. Marrying a nice front sight setup to Skinner Express rear

    Hi all - First time poster. Hunted a lot as a kid and my go-to gun was a beautiful Model 97 in octagonal which, sadly, I sold off when I was too young and dumb to know better. Back in with a 336W for myself, and my son - he's a first time shooter, in love with this rifle. He shoots left...
  5. Nothing fancy, but my Skinner is FINALLY installed!

    With thanks to many of you, I decided on a Skinner peep. It's at home on a JM Marlin 336SS XLR. The front sight filing and fitting went perfectly. Other than the 20 degree temperature in my garage and my fingers feeling like frozen Oscar Mayer weenies :( - all went well. The pics show the...
  6. You'll always remember your first (1894CB)

    It's been a long time coming. I picked up a used 1894CB 24" in 357 off of Gunbroker right before Thanksgiving this past year. I'd been looking for a while but was put off by the prices they were fetching, so I bided my time until I couldn't take it anymore and clicked "Buy it Now" when one...
  7. Model 81TS: how to improve my (iron) sights

    Hi, I'm still trying to find a better sighting solution for my Marlin Model 81TS. My eyes are no longer compatible with the OEM iron sights. I didn't get a response to: so I'm guessing not many folks have tried...