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skinner sights

  1. Marlin and Henry Sights (Day, Night) and Scope Mount Rail

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hi MOF, Quick update on our integrated sights and scope mount rails. Both the Marlin and Henry Big Boy Steel front Day sights now come with "orange" for better visibility. The Night Sights set still has the neon green glow in the dark (front and rear) and the front appears off-white during the...
  2. NEW: Night Sights for Lever Action Rifles!

    Ranger Point Precision
    You asked for night sights and finally they're here! The same great sights as our original backup sights only with glow in the dark paint that can be illuminated with a flashlight and stays glowing for 1-3 hours. - Marlin backup sights/scope mounts are available for sale on our website today...
  3. Low profile skinner sights

    I considering buying those lo profile sights for my 336w since they'll more than likely work with my factory front sight, I'm just hoping to get some info on what I might have to do to install it. I've heard some have had to shorten the screw so it wouldn't rub the bolt. If you've done that how...
  4. 45/70 ***?

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hello all. I picked up a Remlin 1895 SSteel 45/70 last year from a local pawn shop. I gave it a few days, did my research, went back and did not see any of the fit/finish/etc problems I was warned about, so I went ahead and bought it. Story was, some guy bought it new, put 11 rounds through it...
  5. Henry steel big boy / skinner express sights

    Skinner Sights
    I found one of the new STEEL FRAME "BIG BOY" Rifles from HENRY REPEATING ARMS at one of the LGS. This is a VERY nice rifle. Wood to metal fit is more than satisfactory, grain and color of wood is nice, checkering very clean and sharp, and the action is silky smooth. (really... almost...
  6. & Customer Service

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Well, I don't know if this is the right forum, but in today's age of customer "no" service, and outsourcing the buyers contacts to folks in India named "Bobby", it is a rare find when we as consumers, uncover something special. Andy at is absolutely something special. I...
  7. NEW Items to help shooters be more successful:

    Skinner Sights
    Some EXTRAS at Marlin peep sights Dovetail sight blanks (blue and silver) 8-40 plug screws (Blue and stainless) 6-48 plug screws (Blue and stainless) Skinner Blue (great cold blue for touching up nicks, dings, and after trimming a front sight to the exact height. Safe sided Triangular files...
  8. Finally, Skinner Sights hits the Big Time

    Skinner Sights
    Saw this yesterday and thought I would put it up for all who are considering a set of them to read. It is just my way of helping to show my appreciation for how much I personally love my three pair. The truly are the 3 R's, Rugged, Reliable, and Retarded-proof. I don't remember if I mentioned a...
  9. Henry Repeating Arms Front Sight Solution

    Skinner Sights
    If you have tried adding a receiver sight (or needed a different front sight) to a Henry Repeating Arms Rimfire round barrel lever action rifle, you may have discovered that the one piece front sight/ramp/barrel band combo leaves very few options for a change. Skinner Sights will be offering a...