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  1. Hello from New Jersey!

    Welcome New Members
    Hello! I recently became a Marlin 39A owner. I figured now would be the time to join this forum. I've been reading a few of the posts in the past couple of weeks as I did research for Marlin 39A. The community here is great and friendly from what I read. You guys are well informed on your...
  2. Serial number question

    Marlin Collectors
    I have a Model 93 thats been in the family a long time, in great shape, and I am hoping someone here knows how to navigate my confusion around serial numbers and dates of manufacture. The serial number on mine is "A8". To me, that seems like a low number and I am wondering if there is a way to...
  3. Model 1893 info help

    Marlin Collectors
    I'm hoping that someone will be able to help with some questions I have. I was given a model 1893 in 38-55 and am trying to determine its age. The serial number starts with an A followed by four digits and i can't seem to find any records of serial #s starting with an A. The barrel is marked...
  4. New Member and question

    Welcome New Members
    Hello all my name is Roxanne I live in North Florida in the pines. I like to shoot and do wood working. I have a Marlin model 1893 30 30 that was my great grandfathers. It has a 26" barrel and full length magazine tube. I am trying to find out what date it was made. The only number that looks...
  5. New member with an old rifle

    Welcome New Members
    Just discovered this forum while trying to research the history of a rifle that belonged to my grandad. I have an old Marlin Model 39A with what I'm assuming to be the serial number (located under the lever) of B6880. Can't seem to find this letter designation anywhere. I was told, as a kid...
  6. Need help with model 1894 serial #

    Marlin Collectors
    I found used Model 1894 in a gun shop and took down the SN to check the man. date but it turns out to be an 8 digit SN that starts with a 0 and from what I've seen that is not a valid Marlin SN. Can anyone verify this for me?
  7. Help 39A low serial number

    My local gun shop just got a Marlin marked as 39A but with the following characteristics: Short (20 inch) barrel. Straight stock. Marked Microgroove on barrel. Serial # 13010. No (inspection) hole on the left side of receiver to view the if there is a cartridge in the magazine. The firing pin...
  8. Marlin model 94 44-40 Serial# 396830

    Marlin Collectors
    I recently acquired my fathers old Marlin. He said it was his old ranch rifle when he was spending summers in Montana back in high school in the early 60's. A friend who talked to someone affiliated with Marlin said that it was manufactured sometime between 1920 to 1935. The grey is due to to...
  9. Newbee Question re Serial Nmber

    I hqve a Marrlin 336rc and cant for the life of me find the serial number. can anyone help me out? thanks! :questionmark:
  10. 336 35 Remington serial number...

    The .35 Remington
    Hi I just wanted to get more information on a 336 35 Remington I picked up last Saturday..Can someone tell me how to use the serial number to find out the year and other information on my 336 35 Remington? Thanks Cynergyzed......