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  1. Marlin Semi-auto .22 variation guide.

    Marlin Collectors
    Finely have most of my Semi-auto variation guide complete. Will still make updates as I find them and want to go back and proof some of them. Went though every Marlin catalog from 1931 to 2018, and make note of the changes in the same model from year to year. Example the model 60 has 12...
  2. What is a Marlin 1894 Short Stroke?

    Ranger Point Precision
    In the world of tomorrow, we antiquated humans will no longer have to cycle our antiquated lever guns. A robot will do it for us, and much faster–snickity snack–right before a look of amusement passes across its titanium alloy face and it discards the silly relic onto a pile of other rifles that...
  3. Marlin 795 new gun owner

    Welcome New Members
    Hi all, after a bunch of research, I decided to go with the Marlin 795. All the reviews I've read say that this is the most accurate out of box .22 rifle for the price. I have never owned a gun before, so I was a bit hesitant to buy one. Anyone have tips on maintenance and any upgrades...
  4. Has anybody had jamming issues with Marlin 99?

    Hi there, I bought a Marlin 99 semi auto .22 cal pre 1960. This is pre of the Model 60. I went to a shooting range yesterday, and faced jamming issues when ejecting. Thought it was an ammo issue but it happened with different ones. The rifle is beautiful, and it seems to be built before...
  5. Questions for you all that have upgraded your marlin 60 and or XT-22 stocks.

    What happened to your original stocks? Well I've been searching everywhere for a decently priced stock for my newer style marlin 60. Basically I wanted a regular wood stock with checkering for my M60 without having to do a boyds stock on it. I recently also caught the bug and bought a XT-22VR...