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  1. Leupold scope for 1894c

    TEAM 1894
    Hi guys. I need some advice for a scope for my new 1894c. I will be shooting from 50 - 150 yards. Here in Switzerland the gun laws are very strict, my local shooting range wouldent even let me shoot without a scope!!! I have been looking at the budget line of Leupold scopes mainly because the...
  2. Glass for an M1A?

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    A friend of mine is getting a Springfield M1A chambered in .308 and he wants to scope it. Typical shooting conditions won't exceed 100 yards, 200 maximum. I like my Nikon Prostaff 5 2.5-10x40. Simple, clear, variable zoom for closer or further shots and a BDC reticle with the phone app so I...
  3. Scope Mounting: to bubba or not to bubba?

    I absolutely refuse to tap into an unmolested waffle top, but I also want a scope as an option. That being said I bought a mounting rail that slides into the dovetail slot to mount a scout scope. A small aluminum block slides into the dovetail slot, and the rail screws on top, with the rear of...
  4. Scope suggestions

    I finally found a no-drill scope mounting option for my 336SC (I was losing hope in finding one). The rail fits into the dovetail slot and I'm excited to get a scope on there. That being said, does anyone recommend a decent, budget-minded scope? I was looking into scout scopes, which as I...
  5. Stith Mount for a 336

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Definitely a long shot, but would anyone here know where I could locate a Stith scope mount for an older 336?
  6. Has Leupold gone to the dogs?

    Optics Discussion Forum
    I bought a VX-3L that was on a 30-06. The reticle failed after a couple of years. It was repaired in Sept 2013 and I had to return it again in 2016. They could not repair it and since it was not made anymore; they offered me a "custom shop" VX-3i. It was made in Dec 2016 and shipped to me...
  7. Side Mount for 336

    I want to add a scope to my 1948 336SC without wrecking the waffle top on it. I found a side mount option that would require only one hole drilled into the side of the receiver instead of the top, and I think I might go with it. It's the Williams Side Mount SM-94/36. Does anyone have an...
  8. No-tap sight upgrade?

    I want to upgrade my sights on an untapped 1948 336SC. I'd like a scope rather than a peep sight but from what I understand that would mean I'd have to tap the receiver. I don't want to have to do that to it, so are there other options? I'm not a fan of peep sights, but is that the only upgrade...
  9. Glen field 30A

    Welcome New Members
    Just acquired my first lever action and over the top excited. Just removed the scope because I wanted the open sight for some pig hunting. It is just sitting on the shelf, if anyone is interested send me note.
  10. Scope for a early 80's for a Glenfield(Marlin) Model 60

    Team 60
    Hello, I recently acquired a Glenfield Model 60 rifle and wanted to find a scope for it but I want to make things difficult on myself by finding a scope that might possibly have come on it when originally purchased. I have the opportunity to pick up a Marlin Model 300A scope in a package deal...
  11. Need help choosing a Scope/Scope Base for my 336!

    Hey there. Just bought my second Marlin lever gun (a 336 from 1979) and I plan on putting a scope on it for hunting purposes (deer and boar mostly). I've never had a gun with a scope on it so I need help figuring out a good scope and scope base combo for the gun. I don't care much for the...
  12. 45/70 Marlin Scope Mount Rail

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Good news! RPP RHINO rails price reduction to $34.99. We were able to cut down our materials cost so we're passing on the savings to customers. Manufactured in house, RHINO scope mount rails were specifically designed for Marlin Lever Actions. Every rail comes with four T15 torx screws and a...
  13. Dummy screws/plugs ....

    Repairing Your Guns
    Dummy screws or plugs ... that's what I call them anyways. You know, the holes left on the top of your rifle once you remove the mounts? The little screws you plug those holes with that used to be in there from the factory before the guy you bought the rifle from threw them away and mounted...
  14. wts Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40 BDC reticle

    Last fall I put this on my rifle and zeroed it in in hopes of a deer tag. Never got the tag so it's just sat in the safe for a year. Scope has only been to range for three sessions and is perfect except a small scratch on turret cap edge. Wife bought me a new scope so no need for this...
  15. Need specs for receiver scope holes please

    TEAM 1894
    I have a 1894 that did not come drilled and tapped on top of receiver. Who can send me the layout measurements of the 4 holes on top of most modern 1894 receivers. Need exact loction and spacing measurements. Thanks in advance.
  16. Marlin Model 99 Scope mount??

    I have my grandmother's Marlin Model 99. It has two holes tapped on top of the receiver for a scope. It has NO grooves for mounting a scope. What do I need to mount a scope to this rifle? I'm very confused with weaver this and dovetail that, etc. I have looked all over the internet and I have...
  17. Scope for XS7VH

    The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    Hi there, i just ordered a new XS7VH in 308,i have a nikon buckmaster 4-14x42,i'm satisfied of this scope but i think it have too little magnification so i'm looking for change it,can you suggest me a good optic for mid range shooting?I've seen Nikon monarch 6-24x42,sightron 6-24 or 10-50,vortex...
  18. Looking for Bushnell scope turret caps

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    hey guy n gals. I have an older Bushnell Banner scope on my 336. Both of the adjusting "turret" caps are missing. i have looked on ebay and nextech. Anyone out there have a couple to sell? thanks for any help. the scope is 3-9x32
  19. Update on the Remlin 336w

    Hey everyone, so with the "COLD" weather we got today in N. Ga and some interior house painting going on, I took apart my 336w for the first time after watching a youtube video () an Aussie guy who did a great to the point job of take down. Anyway as I took it apart I was very happy to find...
  20. Low cost scope mounting, worth it?

    Hi, I like to plink and shoot steel with medium cast loads in my 366 and would like to mount a scope on it so I can see irons but it is like a big blur these days. I bought a Leupold Rifleman 1 piece Aluminum mount. I have been researching rings and found the rings in the...