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  1. Need help with some fixes on my Marlin 1894

    Cowboy Rifles
    Hello everyone! I bought this Marlin 1894 when I turned 18 years old (10 years ago) and I ran into some troubles with it after owning it for about a year... I was hoping you guys can maybe help me pick out parts or maybe give me some advice and tips on how to fix these issues. I intended to fix...
  2. Bolt Action Rimfire Safety With Round Chambered

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Hello friends, Hoping you can help me with a rimfire bolt action safety question. I am not exactly new to firearms, but it is fair to say that I am pretty new to bolt action rifles. I grew up using my dad's Marlin 39A lever action. Because of the visible thumb hammer, it was possible to easily...
  3. Oregon Trooper Ambushed on Traffic Stop - Dash Cam (HD)

    Law Enforcement
    Oregon State Police Trooper Matt Zistel stopped John Van Allen who was driving with his three children in the vehicle on August 29, 2013 during a traffic stop which was recorded on the Dash Cam. The suspect was found dead in his vehicle about a half mile down on the highway's shoulder. The...
  4. PLEASE HELP!!!--- Marlin 783 safety

    Hello all. My father in law has a Marlin Model 783. He was wondering if he could replace the "backwards" safety with a newer forward-fire safety. I've looked online but to no avail. I appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks
  5. Safety issues with Marlin Model 783

    Welcome New Members
    Hi Everyone. My Father-in-law has a Marlin model 783 and was wondering if he could change out the "backwards" safety. If it was interchangeable with a forward-fire safety from a later model or if there is a replacement kit somewhere. Thank you so much for your help.
  6. Safe Bullet Types for Tubular Magazines

    I have a new 1894c chambered in 357. I shot several boxes of various JHP-type rounds with no problem. However, I am an avid, experienced reloader of handgun ammunition and want to start working up some recipes for 357 Magnum rounds to SAFELY use in the Marlin. I do not want to shoot lead...