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  1. Rediscovering 30 caliber

    TEAMS 30-30, 32
    The first rifle I ever bought new was a Marlin 336 in 30/30 sometime in the early/mid '80s. It tokk a couple of deer over a couple/three seasons in SC where I lived at the time, deployments and other military fun took over life, sometime in the late '80s I sold the rifle, never really thought...
  2. 1894 csbl, Rounds corroded overnight

    Hi, So i acquired a new 1894 csbl in 357 mag, took it out to the range, it shot spot-on. Brought it home and did a fairly simple cleaning, lever off, bolt out, used Hoppes 9 Foam and then added some Hoppes Lube afterward. I wanted to work the loading gate a bit, so i loaded it up and left the...
  3. Marlin 336 blued - rust and preventing it.

    Hello all, New to the forum and can't wait to meet some of you folks. I carried my 336 out to the deer stand for the fist time this weekend. It was a light drizzle and just overall pretty wet. The next morning there was quite a bit of surface rust on the rifle. It's my fault for not wiping it...
  4. rust on stainless 336

    I’ve been considering a 336SS for an all-weather hunting rifle and finally found one at a LGS today to inspect. Wood to metal fit was very good for both the stock and forend. The forend was fatter than necessary where it met the receiver, but not a deal breaker. Checkering looked and felt...
  5. Brown patches Guide Gun

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    I've been trying to get the bore of my Guide Gun clean but keep coming up with patches having a goldish/brown coloration. For the past three days i've put a tight wet Hoppes patch followed by a few dry patches and still come up with the brownish patches. I've also put a wet patch through the...
  6. New member...Here's my 1894 that needs some love

    I bought an 1894 (serial 26xxx) from a pawn shop a couple of weeks ago. The pawn shop was out of state, so I called and talked to a worker there and got some pictures sent to me. It looked pretty good from what I could tell so I bought it ($450). When I got ahold of it from my local FFL, I...