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  1. Muzzle Brake on a .308?

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Does anyone here use muzzle brakes on their rifles? I'm just curious about them because Ruger offers an American model that's threaded for a brake and I was thinking about trying it on mine. I'd have to get the die to cut the threads or buy a clamp on brake. Do they really work? Pros and cons...
  2. My New Ruger American .22 long rifle.

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Just picked up this Ruger American in .22 long rifle. She wears a laminate wood stock, 10 round rotary magazine and has a heavy threaded barrel. I have a suppressor on it along with a Nikon scope. The scope is 2-7x32 and has a BDC reticle. It came with two elevation turrets, one calibrated for...