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  1. Winchester vs Marlin Rifling

    This past weekend I went shooting with a friend. He has a 1990's Winchester 94 and I was using a 1948 336, both in 30-30 shooting Core-lokt 170gr. When I hit the steel (~150-170 yds) it made a loud ping and swung the target. When he hit it he knocked it off. Would this be caused by the...
  2. Ballard Rifling vs Microgroove

    Marlin started using Microgroove rifling in the early 50's and before that they used Ballard rifling. As I understand the Microgroove was cheaper and easier to manufacture, plus it made the rifles more accurate. Ballard rifling featured fewer grooves but they were more deeply cut into the...
  3. Micro Groove or is it?

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I slugged my barrel & could barely discern the lands from the that's a Micro Groove barrel eh? The 2013 Marlin catalog listing for my 'carbine' advertises it's a 'deep cut Ballard rifling'. The factory tech said my 2003 vintage may have the Micro Groove, he can't say, as they did...