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  1. Rifles
    Rookie kinda question. I've see "JM Stamped" or "JM Spur" a few times on this forum and seems to denote something special. What does the "JM" stand for, signify, and mean?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Joined the site while doing some research before making my purchase. There is a trove of information available here and a lot of people referred me to this site. Thank you. I am now a proud owner of a 1989 Marlin 3030 AS. In the next couple weeks I'm going to tear her apart and explore every...
  3. 1894
    I have a choice to buy a Marlin 1894 .44 Mag. brand new for $600 from Dicks Sporting Goods or I can buy a "JM" Marlin 1894s .44 Mag. from a private sale for $750. The Marlin in the private sale is a "JM" stamped Marlin that has just sat in a safe for years, the owner says its from the 1980s, it...
  4. 1894
    Hey everyone, new guy here, Weston from Texas. I have a Marlin 94 (pictured) and was told by that my serial# is too new, but I still want to know the date of the gun is. The rep didn't tell me. I was told by the person who gave it to me that it's a short .22 cal? I've tried...
  5. Other Marlins
    I have a Marlin XL7 .30-06 and I don't have the bolt removal tool for it, anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks!
  6. TEAM MR-7
    I would like to begin by saying the point of this thread is to put all of the available information about the MR-7 in one thread. The Marlin MR-7 was only made from 1996-1999. It was only chambered in .25-06, .270, .280, and .30-06. It features a 3-position safety, a bolt face encircled by...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I'm looking for some help on two Marlin guns that have been in my family for quite a while. I have plenty of pictures that I hope will help, but as far as I know I have a Marlin Model 94, serial no. 334xxx, as well as some badass short barreled shotgun with some weird engravings...
  8. 336
    I recently purchased a Marlin 30-30 336CS. I grabbed it on an impulse and love for old western style rifles. It's in fair shape, but I want to get the old girl good as new. I'm 27 and fairly new to Jacksonville, FL. I've been calling around to pawn shops and sports stores trying to get answers...
  9. The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    Any opinions on the Marlin 22-250. I definitely want a 22-250 rifle, but do not want an inaccurate rifle. The price on these seems to be good, but if I cant get at least .5-1 moa I am not interested. Anybody have one in 22-250 that would like to comment? P.S I have a x gun in .270 that is a...
  10. Other Marlins
    Sorry if this was posted before, but I can't find any threads about it. I just ran across an on-line copy of the 2012 Marlin catalog (Marlin 2012 Consumer Catalog) and noticed in the back they list a new(?) 1800's style, single shot rifle in .45-70 called the Buffalo Classic Rifle. Has anyone...
  11. Optics
    I need help identifying my scope. I know it's a Bushnell, but I'd like to know more or less how much it's worth and if it's a good scope. I've only used it a few times and when I bought my Marlin 336W the scope came with it.
1-11 of 17 Results