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  1. H&R Break top .32 s&w Missing Parts

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    First of all, I am new to this forum and I would like to say hi to everyone here. I recently inherited an old H&R revolver. It is of a top break design and chambered for .32 s&w. I have cleaned it up some and parts are definitely missing. I was hoping the good folks of the marlin owners forum...
  2. XX Standard 1873

    Marlin Collectors
    Forgive me if I am posting in the wrong section, I couldn't find a pistol section. I briefly posted photos of this during my introduction but I feel that isn't the proper place to ask for more info. This pistol appears in rough shape. Everything seems to function properly. I was wondering what...
  3. H&R revolver fire pin striker sticking the action. help please?

    Hello all im new here. Im a gunsmith and fixed an old water soaked model 676. it works fine so long as you the muzzle pointed slightly up. the striker is loose and is sticking on the firing pin when the striker comes up while the muzzle is level or pointed down. anyone have a known fix or have...
  4. Harrington and Richardson .32 Top Break Identification. HELP!!!!

    H&R/NEF Collectors
    Hi everyone, This gun was all in pieces in the basement and I decided that I want to reassemble and re blue it for my dad for Christmas. One small problem though. I have absolutely no idea what kind of top break it is. I know that it is a .32 and it is a 6 shot. Also on the side of the barrel it...
  5. Any Vaquero owners?

    Looking to see who else enjoys these wonderful revolvers! :biggrin: Here is my new Vaquero .45 Long Colt " Birds Head "
  6. .38spl load for my 1894 and S&W Mod 10

    Has anyone come up with a good load in .38spl for their wheel and lever guns? I use HSM 158gr Lead RNFP over HP-38. I just got my 1894 and have not put any hand loads through it yet. Will a typical low-mid range .38spl handgun load work well in the 1894, it does have the ballard rifling. I read...