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  1. Marlin XT-22 tsr quality concerns and review, hoping for a bit of feedback

    I just got an XT-22 tsr, which is the tube-fed version in stainless. I have always heard nothing but good things about Marlins, and my godfather literally owns over a hundred of them, a collection that I have always adored, and which really led me to getting this first Marlin of mine. I feel...
  2. Starline brass

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Well I have to say I'm shocked but happy.... I put in an order for 250 Starline brass in 45-70 2 days ago direct from Starline. Today I got the E-mail that it was shipped:congrats: I says HOLY COW REALLY? :hmmmm: They said it was back ordered till Feb 4th. I have the tracking number and it...