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  1. Wow seriously! On a gun (1894 44mag) this new?

    Long story shorter, 1st range trip... fired something less than 100 rds, and the action bound-up with the lever in the down position. That ended the range day, went home, inspected. The loading gate screw had backed out and the loading gate had drooped inward and thus caused binding with the...
  2. Marlin 88 Questions

    I have a Marlin 88 that was given to me by an older friend. It is in pretty heavily used, but still functional state. I took it apart and cleaned it (something I'll get back to in a second), and am looking to replace some things. Firstly, the rear sight is missing its elevator and the front...
  3. Front sight repair/replacement

    The 450 Marlin®
    I bumped the front sight insert and broke it, and knocked the hood off the front sight of my 450. I ordered replacements direct from Marlin and now have them. Has anyone here ever replaced these parts on their 450? I'm concerned about damaging the base; the old (broken) insert is still attached...
  4. Marlin Model 62 Levermatic in 30 Carbine

    Other Marlins
    Just picked up one of these rifles and really like it. What I need some help with is finding a gunsmith that can go thru the action completely and clean it up. It is a little rough to use and probably hasn't been checked out in 30 years. Don't want to take it to just some local gunsmith as...
  5. Model 60 22lr problem

    Hello, my mom's boyfriend has a model 60. One day we were out shooting and we heard a loud crack, he got a screw driver and loosened the two screws at the bottom of the gun in front of and behind the trigger, and when he pulled it out, a plastic piece came falling out. I took it apart and...