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  1. My First Ever Reload Results (45-70)

    So after several months or reading, researching, watching tutorials, reading and then reading some more; I finally bit the bullet (pun intended) and tried my first reloads. In Australia, we're a little more restricted for powder choice than in the US, but decided on Benchmark 2 from ADI which...
  2. Reload hornady bullets

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hello, I am new to the forum just barely bought a 1895sbl RMEF gun off gun broker. I am going to reload some 325gr ftx bullets, I already have the hornady dies and the special seater for the bullet and know i have to trim the brass, but i don't have Hornady #9 reloading manual i was wondering...
  3. Shooting other peoples' homeloads...

    Several years ago I received some homeloads when I bought a secondhand Marlin 1894 Cowboy LTD. These were .45Colt gallery loads that "shot really well", according to the seller of the gun. He didn't want any money for them and so they were duly signed over. Since they were being shot through the...
  4. Same point of Aim, different bullets, same rifle

    Ok guys...I'm not sure if this has been done or not so if it has I apologize but I'm completely open to someone sending threads for me to go read... What I want is simple to explain, seemingly hard to accomplish. I want to have similar bullets(Flat Nose), different weights and loads set up to...
  5. reloading for 45/70

    The 45/70 Govt.
    hi all Im hoping some one can tell me what i really need and what i can do with out to hand load for my 45/70 guide gun the bare minimum I dont have a lot of money to spend here so if you could tell me about how much each item i need is and recomened brand names if thats allowed on this site...
  6. What powders for extremely heavy bullets in 45/70?

    For those of you guys that push 450gr(+plus) bullets at max velocity in the 45/70, what powders deliver higher velocities? I am not planning on loading max 45/70 loads, I am just curious about powder burn rates and effectiveness in 45/70s when the bullets get extremely heavy.
  7. Beartooth 525gr Pile-Drivers

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I shot a small test group of the Beartooth 525gr Pile-Drivers today. I am working up slowly from a reduced load listed on their site. All I can say is wow. On a few of the loads I was able to group this monster bullet at 1.5" at 200 yards. I will have to load some more and go test again to...
  8. best powder for 45/70?

    Hi i am a newbie here, I have Marline gbl 45/70 (18.5) I cast some boolets using wheel weight in 427 gr. just plain, no gas check.I am going to use this rifle for plinking only.. I would like to know what will be the best powder to use and what will be a good recipe for it, not max load but not...
  9. 45-70 case capacity SAFETY WARNING...PLEASE READ!!!

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Due to the difference in capacities between brands of brass...which comes out to about 3-4 grains worth of difference, I am making a new rule here in the 45-70 forum. From this day forward, any load data I see posted that does not mention the brass used...will be deleted without notice or any...