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  1. 1894
    Looking for an 1894 with slightly scratched stock which can be refinished. Is there anyone in this forum who does this kind of work ? Or, is it better to make it a DIY project ?
  2. Polishing & Tuning Your Levergun
    I am working on a project rifle, 39A Golden, Take Down. Its a shooter so its got some rust, bluing is thin in a lot of places, and the stock will need refinishing. Right now its disassembled and I am thinking of using a Bluing product called "Wonder Blue A or Wonder Black A. I have looked at...
  3. 336
    Howdy! I am in the middle of refinishing a 1974 Model 336 in 30-30. I'm replacing/correcting the "sling swivel in the bullseye" error as well as prettying up my stock. I am about ready to start staining, but heres my dilemma.. Should I insert the bullseye, sand flush etc before staining? Or...
1-3 of 3 Results