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  1. 1894
    I had been using XS ghost rings on my 1894P in .44mag, which were nice. Had a Trijicon RMR on my .22 pistol and decided to try it on the 1894. So I got an XS Lever Scout, mounted it up with a quick detach mount, and it made a fun gun even that much better for my aging eyes. The Lever Scout is...
  2. 336
    Bought a sight mark mini shot red dot for my new 336Y 30/30 compact after 11 bullets i have a 3 shot group the size of a nickel about 3"'s low and 3"'s to the right but the dots adjustments are so jumpy i've decided to ask for help on the next step so what do you recommend from here 25 yards...
  3. Rimfires
    Recently ran across one of those deals. guy had two marlin 60s. He said take both guns and make one gun type deal. one gun manufatured in 1995 needed a new trigger gaurd. where the rear bolt goes in had been broken. other gun needed a new set of rear sights and had some scratchs and scrapes on...
1-3 of 3 Results