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ranger 36

  1. Need parts & recommendations for Ranger 36/Marlin 80 22cal rifle

    Marlin Collectors
    Greetings, gentlemen, I'm new to the forum and am seeking expertise on an old Ranger 36 22cal bolt-action rifle I recently picked up from a friend. By what I've found, it seems these rifles are pre-WWII, 1934-1939, were sold by Sears and manufactured by Marlin [essentially, Marlin 80s]...
  2. Marlin 80/Ranger Model 36?

    I've been told this gun is everything from a Steven's to a Winchester,Remington. I have researched to no end and I've finally decided it is a Marlin/Ranger. I am pretty sure I can see GER on the barrel after taking the rust off but no other markings, leading me to believe its a ranger, model 36...