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range report

  1. Mountie & 1892 to the range

    Rimfire Teams and 39A Stickies
    Had the opportunity to take the 57 Mountie & the 1899-1892 to the range yesterday. Limited the 92 to the 50 yard line due to iron sights and old eyes. Both 50&100 yard mark for the unmarked 39A Mountie old Weaver 4x. Not to bad free-handed from either. I enjoy being able to test the...
  2. New 1895GBL

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I purchased a new 1895GBL on Gunbroker for $495. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the stock, the blueing, and the wood-to-metal fit of this firearm. It is actually better than either of my JM 336s. I worked up some test loads and took it to the range. My best load was 60.0C of IMR3031...
  3. The ThunderStick: A Range Report

    Thanks to a nice member of our forum, I am now the owner of a 336D in .35 Remington. This weekend, I got to take it out to the farm and fire off a couple rounds out of what I affectionately refer to as The ThunderStick. Before shooting it, I replaced the magazine follower with a machined...
  4. Range report - Hornady ammo 100 yards - scout scope Leatherwood Hi-Lux

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I know I know -- I am gonna start reloading soon and hope to just shoot hard cast; but I just put the scope on this iron and had this ammo thru some other swappin deal/ so you can see RR1 & RR2 - one of the holes in RR1 shows again in RR2 because the little cover dot flew off when I centered...