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  1. 1895 Trigger Plate compatability with 336?

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hello all. I intend to put a curved grip and stock on my 1895. I have been looking for a trigger plate for the conversion to no avail. I did however notice that a lot of the stocks that I found online are listed as for the 1895 or the 336. I know that the 1895 is based on the 336, but I...
  2. Very sharp receiver edge on 1894csbl

    Just got back from my first range trip with my new 1894 csbl. It shot great. I love it. Smooth action and my difficulty with the stiff magazine/loading gate seems to have worked itself out. When I went to clean it, I sliced my finger right open on the upper side of the reciever (the upper part...
  3. Hello from suburban southeast PA. Excited owner of a used Marlin 336cs!

    Welcome New Members
    Hello all, glad to be among you. I'm a happy owner of a well used Marlin 336cs 30-30. Very new to me; only had it a couple days. Did lots of research and asked some experienced rifle owners for recommendations on a "best" rifle to own. Result: Marlin 336. It's also my very first rifle -...
  4. Well did it again!!!!!

    Was at the my local GS today and found a 1894S in 44 Mag. Looks in pretty good shape, missing the top screws where a scope or peep sight had been mounted and the hood is missing and it had not been cleaned in a while. So I reduced my bank account, and added it to my collection. Found it was...