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  1. XT-22TR Bolt Issue/Problem

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Good afternoon gents, I`ve been reading threads on this forum for a while (5-odd years) now, but just joined up today cause I (finally) ran into a problem with my XT rifle after owning it for nigh on 5 years now and putting I don`t know how many rounds through it. Anyway, yesterday I...
  2. Carrier problems Need Help!!!!!!

    So i got a model 36a 32 special yesterday, i noticed the carrier does not come up at all on the forward action of the lever???? i took it all apart about 5 times now and nothings broke or doesn't seem to look too worn down. the rocker seem to be moving freely, but i dont get the point of the...
  3. problem with new model 60

    I recently purchased a model 60 and disassembled it to give it a good lube. When disassembling the bolt and inner trigger mechanism came out locked together. I can not find any release to release the two. has anyone had this problem before or have any suggestions on what to do? it would be...
  4. Model 60 Troubles

    I bought a new Model 60 about half a year ago, and it's given me a lot more trouble than it has rabbits. After a month of use and about 400 rounds, the hammer slipped, and I sent it in to a gunsmith. It worked beautifully for one weekend after that, but now it's acting as a single-shot again --...
  5. Marlin Model 60 problem

    Hello I have searched all the internet and couldn't find my answer. I recently purchased a model 60 for thirty dollars and it will not eject shells when I pulled it apart the ejector lifter spring was just free floating on my pin. I put the ends in the proper positions and when I set the...