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  1. Law Enforcement
    Written by a Tulsa police commander and worth the read. Nobody will want to be a cop unless things change, and soon.
  2. Law Enforcement
    Greetings, With all the recent hoopla concerning the trust and integrity of law enforcement, a new t-shirt is surfacing. "The cobblers may fail and the brick masons may fail, but if the guardians fail, society will crumble "- Plato Stay safe and Alert! Jackel
  3. Handguns
    I bought a colt police positive the other day, and i need a holster for it. It is a beater gun so I do not need a fancy holster. It is in about 60o/o condition but shoots great for $325
  4. Law Enforcement
    Oregon State Police Trooper Matt Zistel stopped John Van Allen who was driving with his three children in the vehicle on August 29, 2013 during a traffic stop which was recorded on the Dash Cam. The suspect was found dead in his vehicle about a half mile down on the highway's shoulder. The...
  5. Law Enforcement
    PA Police Chief makes a statement on YouTube video about guns. You can read the news article here. If you did get the opportunity to see this, here it is:
  6. Law Enforcement
    Police Shooting - Solon PD, OHIO Occurred March 17, 2013 with audio. Read the complete report and details here.
  7. General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Sure, I know that there is an ammo and component shortage - who doesn't. Is it because DHS is buying everything or the fact that every gun toting American is after their share, I just don't know. Up to this point I've stayed relatively calm; after all, I have a decent stockpile of powder...