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  1. Need replacement butt plate for my '53 39A (#21)

    Rimfire Teams and 39A Stickies
    Butt plate was cracked for a bit and finally gave up and I'm having trouble finding a replacement. Back side is numbered 21 39445. I reached out Bob from Bob's Gun Shop and he didn't know where to find one. I only seem to see #6's in reproduction. Numrich seems to have a few listed but I'm not...
  2. Is There Any Reason to Fear Nickel Plate?

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    I'm looking at the nickel plated Stoeger Supreme Coach to complete my CAS collection. It comes in three receiver/barrel flavors: blue/blue, stainless/blue and nickel/nickel. I would much prefer all stainless for ease of maintenance, but don't have that choice with the Stoeger. I saw a...
  3. Help fitting butt stock plate Marlin 336 SC

    I just sanded down my stock and refinished it with tung oil for the first time. But I ran into a small problem, the butt plate is a little wider then the stock. I was wondering if anyone out there has ran into this in the past, and what did you do to fit it? I will post before and after photos...