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  1. which is better for women?

    My wife is a ccw holder and is good at using her weapons. But she doesn't have any to carry and sometimes her job sends her to places where she needs to have something on her at least. So that got me thinking which brand/model is best for women. I saw this Springfield Armory Xds and thought she...
  2. CZ 52 project, for you steel and walnut lovers

    Ranger Point Precision
    Ok, this isn't our typical lever gun posting, just a little side project I finished this weekend. I picked up a decent little CZ-52 a few weeks ago, and liked it enough to improve upon it. After a little trigger work it was a very respectable shooter, but the ergos were crisp and cramped, and...
  3. Marlin 1894 Big Loop Levers

    Good news! We're excited to announce our Marlin 1894 Big Loop Levers (available for $145 in stainless and gun metal blue KG Gun Kote finishes). Now available in our online store. We've got this lever going onto a few of our customers' Short Stroke, Pistol Caliber conversions (45ACP and 10MM)...
  4. Pistol choice for my Camp 9 mags

    CAMP CARBINES 9 & 45
    I am new to owning a Camp 9 and want to know the options for 9mm pistols that can use the mags from my Marlin. Can someone offer guidance please?. Thanks in advance.