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  1. Marlin 45-70 Bull Barrel

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hi MOF Friends, We had a lot of requests for patches so we're introducing our first one: a Marlin 45-70. This was based one a match-grade Marlin 45-70 we built a year or so ago with a bull barrel and most of our parts. If you like PVC patches, we have them for sale on the website for $9 with...
  2. Brown patches Guide Gun

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    I've been trying to get the bore of my Guide Gun clean but keep coming up with patches having a goldish/brown coloration. For the past three days i've put a tight wet Hoppes patch followed by a few dry patches and still come up with the brownish patches. I've also put a wet patch through the...