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parts needed

  1. Can I discuss the H&R model 922 first variation revolver here?

    H&R/NEF Collectors
    I joined to get some help with parts on my H&R 922 with the octagon barrel because I am striking out finding someone to confirm the parts I need, even Numrich and Brownells fail to confirm the parts compatible with the first variation. The serial number puts this in the first variation, that...
  2. Need parts & recommendations for Ranger 36/Marlin 80 22cal rifle

    Marlin Collectors
    Greetings, gentlemen, I'm new to the forum and am seeking expertise on an old Ranger 36 22cal bolt-action rifle I recently picked up from a friend. By what I've found, it seems these rifles are pre-WWII, 1934-1939, were sold by Sears and manufactured by Marlin [essentially, Marlin 80s]...
  3. 928VS Bull Barrel

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    I have a Marlin 928VS Bull Barrel for over 3 years. I use the rifle for small game hunting (primarily squirrels). This rifle is one of the heaviest in its class, and I want to know if there are any modification parts like lighter barrel, stocks, etc? I appreciate the info. Thanks! Tom
  4. Need help finding parts

    i previously posted about my carrier not moving at all and i didn't think anything was broken until i looked at other carriers and then i noticed the rocker is broken :( its a model 32a 32 special i need a new carrier or a new rocker. brownells discontinued theirs and i cant find sh*t!!! can...