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parts needed

  1. H&R/NEF Collectors
    I joined to get some help with parts on my H&R 922 with the octagon barrel because I am striking out finding someone to confirm the parts I need, even Numrich and Brownells fail to confirm the parts compatible with the first variation. The serial number puts this in the first variation, that...
  2. Marlin Collectors
    Greetings, gentlemen, I'm new to the forum and am seeking expertise on an old Ranger 36 22cal bolt-action rifle I recently picked up from a friend. By what I've found, it seems these rifles are pre-WWII, 1934-1939, were sold by Sears and manufactured by Marlin [essentially, Marlin 80s]...
  3. General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    I have a Marlin 928VS Bull Barrel for over 3 years. I use the rifle for small game hunting (primarily squirrels). This rifle is one of the heaviest in its class, and I want to know if there are any modification parts like lighter barrel, stocks, etc? I appreciate the info. Thanks! Tom
  4. 336
    i previously posted about my carrier not moving at all and i didn't think anything was broken until i looked at other carriers and then i noticed the rocker is broken :( its a model 32a 32 special i need a new carrier or a new rocker. brownells discontinued theirs and i cant find sh*t!!! can...