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  1. new hello

    Welcome New Members
    folks, new to Marlin. like the papoose & know it has possiblilites. anyone successfully removed baseplate screws and managed to sand lip ridge down enough to snap it in and out? wanting to use hollow stock cavity to store items. also anyone had good luck istalling Tec-Sights on the scope rail...
  2. Model 60 trigger guard on Papoose?

    Team 60
    Hi everyone, First time poster but I've learned a lot from this forum. Apologies if I missed the answer in my searches, but I have a compatibility question. My 10 year old "Papoose" 70PSS has a cracked trigger guard and I need to find a replacement trigger assembly. I called Marlin and to be...
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    Ranger Point Precision
    Marlin, Henry and Steyr A1 Pistol parts, slings, brakes, t-shirts, cleaning supplies and more. We also have electronic gift certificates that can be used to purchase parts and any of our services. Thanks for all...
  4. A BIG THANK YOU MOF! Happy Holidays.

    Ranger Point Precision
    Thanks for a great year! We've really enjoyed getting to know so many of you this year on MOF. We've enjoyed sharing what we know as well as learning lots of new things from all you smart people. As a way of saying thanks, we've created a special MOF coupon code for 15% off (MOFTHX). Use it in...