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  1. 1895 Trapper paint job

    Photos of Custom Marlin's
    So I figured since the stock was already painted black from the factory it wouldn’t hurt to play around with painting it myself. Here’s what I ended on.
  2. Fallen Soldier's Marlin 336 30-30 Tribute Rifle

    Ranger Point Precision
    We were contacted a few months back by a U.S. Army soldier stationed abroad. A good friend and fellow solider had been KIA during an operation in Kunduz, Afghanistan along with one other member of the company. The Tailban had the U.S. troops trapped, and these two brave soldiers gave their lives...
  3. CZ 52 project, for you steel and walnut lovers

    Ranger Point Precision
    Ok, this isn't our typical lever gun posting, just a little side project I finished this weekend. I picked up a decent little CZ-52 a few weeks ago, and liked it enough to improve upon it. After a little trigger work it was a very respectable shooter, but the ergos were crisp and cramped, and...
  4. My Wife's New Custom Marlin 336 in 6.5 Grendel

    Ranger Point Precision
    Greetings MO friends. I haven't chimed in on behalf of the RPP crew much lately, but it isn't because I'm asleep - I still don't do that much. No, we've all been heads-down over here, doing our best to get customer orders out as well as new products and services online before the second half of...
  5. marlin model 60 sight options.

    Recently ran across one of those deals. guy had two marlin 60s. He said take both guns and make one gun type deal. one gun manufatured in 1995 needed a new trigger gaurd. where the rear bolt goes in had been broken. other gun needed a new set of rear sights and had some scratchs and scrapes on...