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  1. Which Optics Should I Mount?

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hi, New to the forum and relatively new to the 1895 world. But very excited to be here! I picked up a Marlin 1895 SBL a few months back and I'm looking for some folks to weigh in on which of two optics to mount on the rifle for when I go Elk hunting in Utah next fall. I would like to leave the...
  2. Question RE: Sights

    Model 36 & Other Square Bolt Levers
    Hey all, As you may have seen; I just bought a Model 36, built in 1940. Not drilled for sights, either on top or side. It has NO sights, and no front ramp; just empty dovetails. a) Am I right in thinking that, because it's the rifle version, it would have come with a semi-buckhorn rear, and...
  3. Scout Scope... Help!

    The 450 Marlin®
    Looking to purchase a scout scope for my Marlin .450.. I know someone on this forum has 1 or 2 scout scope sitting in their safe somewhere. I would like to see if someone is willing to part with one.