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  1. Marlin Collectors
    I was considered lucky to run into a 100+ year-old Marlin Model '94 in a hard-to-find caliber 25-20 almost 2 years ago. The LGS had it as a consignment item. The price was $590 Canadian. Been on the used guns rack for while. I guess because of the odd caliber it was difficult to find a buyer...
  2. Marlin Collectors
    I have a Model 27 in 25-20. There's no doubt it is the nicest one I have seen EVER. I'm not an expert but this one is very good. The wood is original and very good with a few minor dings from being stored. The barrel has a few minor dings from storage. NO RUST, no pitting. I have no idea of the...
1-2 of 2 Results