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  1. Help, please! Marlin XT22 TSR

    I just purchased my first rifle, the Marlin XT22 TSR. When I was cleaning it I noticed my cleaning rod catching slightly in the chamber. It seems to be catching on a wire that runs diagonally from the back left of the chamber towards the middle. I have circled it in red in the attached photo...
  2. New Member, Prospective Owner signing on

    Welcome New Members
    Hello everybody, Justin here. Found this forum while doing research for my next purchase. Sold off my collection of "fun" firearms to rebuild my collection for hunting. Usually end up borrowing one of my fathers rifles/shotguns whenever we go out, and I decided it was time to get a few firearms...
  3. Greetings and salutations!

    Welcome New Members
    Hey, folks. My name is Eiler (think Tyler without the T), and I hail from the great state of Minnesota. I come from a Marlin family, though I didn't own one myself until my grandfather passed away in 2010 and left me his 1948 336 in .35 Rem. I love this rifle, though it has a few issues I...
  4. Hello from suburban southeast PA. Excited owner of a used Marlin 336cs!

    Welcome New Members
    Hello all, glad to be among you. I'm a happy owner of a well used Marlin 336cs 30-30. Very new to me; only had it a couple days. Did lots of research and asked some experienced rifle owners for recommendations on a "best" rifle to own. Result: Marlin 336. It's also my very first rifle -...
  5. Love at First Site

    Welcome New Members
    Newbie that's me. I grew up on a farm in Michigan and owned a few shotguns... then nothing for decades. My involvement in the BSA stoked my interest in gun ownership. I have a friend who owns lots of sweet guns. He invited me to the Gun Show... I saw a 39A walk in the door and said, "that is...
  6. Are you up for the New Shooter Challenge?

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Aside from 2nd Amendment rights, logical defensive arguments, etc., what "I've never shot a gun before" people truly don't know is that shooting is a sport and it is fun. But how would they know that if we've never invited them to go shooting? Please post your ideas on how to get new people...