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  1. Howdy from S.C.

    Welcome New Members
    Just wanted to say hello and thanks to everyone. I've been cruising this website for a little while trying to put a plan together for a new 1894C to match a Ruger Blackhawk that I've owned for years. I wanted to keep any mods to the rifle simple and inexpensive. The info I found here was very...
  2. New member!!! Citrus county florida

    Welcome New Members
    Hey guys im just joining the forum after reading yalls posts for the last year now...i fugured i should go ahead and join the party. Im a college student working at Bill Jacksons (the best outdoor retailer hands down!!!) in clearwater florida and i sell every legal gun imaginable! I started my...
  3. new .35 rem owner from the mountains of CO

    Welcome New Members
    Hi just got my first marlin 336cs for christmas this year and i love it. i think ill be making several more lever gun purchases in the future because of this. I am a college student in steamboat springs CO and target shoot regularly. just trying to learn the ropes of some big game hunting...