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mosin nagant

  1. My First Milsurp

    Military Talk and Surplus Rifles
    I've wanted a Mosin Nagant since I first shot an M44 about 10 years ago at 12 years old and now I finally got one. 1940 M91/30, I think made by Tula. Is there any way to look up the history on this exact rifle? I mean, a way to track where it was sent from the factory and where it may have...
  2. Mosin vs .308

    Big Game
    Is a Mosin overpowered for whitetails in the New York region? I've always wanted a Mosin and eventually I'll get one but a friend of a friend recommended I get something in .308 because it's more versatile. I didn't plan on buying a Mosin specifically for hunting, but I know it would kill if I...
  3. What next...

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    First gun I bought was a 1948 336SC because it's a classic and versatile. Then I bought a new 10/22 just to plink with because ammo is too damn cheap not to have fun with it. I keep pushing off getting a shotgun because there's a ton of them constantly being produced so I know I'll get one no...
  4. Second try at posting a picture of my Nagant

    Team Mosin-Nagant
    When I first joined the team, I promised a picture. Better late than never I guess.
  5. New Reloading Bullets

    Sign the Petition with the link below. (I will be sending it to Sierra, Hornady, Barnes Bullets, Nosler, Berger, and Lapua.) Petition A modern .311 bullet with higher BC and weight varations are needed. Petition A modern .311 bullet with higher BC and weight varations are needed. The...
  6. 1929 Mosin Nagant Tula

    Hey guys thought I would share my newest purchase! Finally bought myself one and I can get it in 10 days. Paid a lil more than I wanted but with California being uptight on guns I figured why not. As said it's a 1929 Mosin Nagant Tula. Not sure yet about the rest of the gun since I can't pick it...