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  1. Anyone tried 309gr cast Hollow Point (Mihec)

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I cast some .462 309gr hollow-points today, using a Mihec mold from the group buy on Cast boolits forum: Has anyone tried these or similar bullets in a Marlin 45-70 for hunting deer? Load data/velocity experiences also much appreciated (I will always work up my own loads safely, of...
  2. Need a 'Custom Cast Boolit Design" board, by nominal caliber.

    Members Suggestion Box-New Boards
    I'm cross eyed searching the hundreds of posts re: group buys [never any pics nor specs], desired bullets, individual purchases with too little info to be of specific assistance. Many mould manuf. say their previous customer's designs are "in their catalog", but the contents haven't changed for...