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  1. Old Model 94 not feeding correctly

    I have an old Model 94 in 32-20 and am having a problem with rounds cycling correctly. During cycling sometimes, a cartridge from the magazine gets by the foot on the carrier assembly and gets stuck below the carrier, gun jammed. It looks like the upward travel of the carrier is limited by the...
  2. NRA American Rifleman Mag: Get a Grip on Lever-Action Accuracy

    Ranger Point Precision
    Anyone read this article that just came out? Marlin Firearms feature article that talks about accuracy and even includes a test re. a Marlin 35 Rem vs. a Winchester Model 94. Thoughts? Get A Grip On Lever-Action Accuracy by John Haviland -...
  3. New here with a question about an old model 94 in 38-40.

    Welcome New Members
    I just purchases an old model 94 made in 1905. the rifle has an octagon barrel on top of which 38-40 is stamped. My question is this, and I haven't been able to find out is this a black powder gun or a smokeless powder gun? I have been told even is it is a black powder gun it would be safe to...
  4. 1980's Model 94 reclaimed!

    Winchester & Team Winchester
    I bought this Winchester Model 94 about six-months ago. It was in only fair condition as the finish on the receiver was toast, crud/rust inside the magazine tube, and the barrel has some pitting. Here is what I started with and ended with. It's no show piece but it was fun and turned out OK...
  5. Marlin model 94 44-40 Serial# 396830

    Marlin Collectors
    I recently acquired my fathers old Marlin. He said it was his old ranch rifle when he was spending summers in Montana back in high school in the early 60's. A friend who talked to someone affiliated with Marlin said that it was manufactured sometime between 1920 to 1935. The grey is due to to...
  6. 94 Winchester Angle Eject sight (will fit any 94 with Drill and tap 2 holes)

    Skinner Sights
    Something new from Skinner Sights... Winchester