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  1. Team 60
    I was giving my model 70 a long overdue cleaning when a part dropped out and I don't know where it goes. It looks like a washer with a cylinder protruding from the hole. Pictures attached. Any help appreciated!
  2. Rimfires
    I have a Marlin Model 70 HC that has a problem... It is fine where the magazine goes in but anything behind the screw beginning at the trigger guard jiggles. I took it apart but I can't make sense of it. Is there somewhere I can just buy what I have deemed the "trigger assembly"? The whole...
  3. All Items Sold
    WTB: SA .45 LC Revolver & Rifle, Win Mod 70 12ga for entry into SASS [Cowboy] events Looking toward entering the world of SASS Cowboy Action Shooting. They have specific 'rules for the tools'. I could consider going with the .44 revolver & rifle, but prefer the traditional .45 LC cartridge...
1-3 of 3 Results