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  1. 8yr Old Reviews His New Model 60

    Welcome New Members
    Hello from Prosper, TX! Here is my son reviewing his new model 60 (60SN): and Here is a pic of his new rifle... we love it! Scope arrives tomorrow :-)
  2. Rutlandlamb

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    Hey, I'm from WI. I'm an Accountant. I shoot trap, but not recently. I'm looking for a Marlin Model 60 12 gauge, single shot. My dad had one. He bought it for $12 when he was 12. Light as a feather, fit perfect, kicked pretty good. Lol
  3. Dovetail to weaver adapter.

    Welcome New Members
    Howdy folks. New member here. I’m in need of some advice. I have had a marlin model 60 for 25 years. I decided I was going to freshen the rifle up with springs and put a redot I was gifted on it. But finding a dovetail to weaver adapter mount that fits has proved difficult. Has anyone been...
  4. Hi from Indiana Ohio border area

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    I just recently bought my first marlin, a model 60 for 100.14 even. My buddy said he wants to take me squirrel hunting. I was raised by a single mother, so I’ve never been hunting, but I’ve been raised around guns. It’s the squirrel model that has the squirrel etched on the stock. The only issue...
  5. Western Auto Revelation 120 Makeover

    Photos of Custom Marlin's
    Here is the latest makeover of the Model 60 rifles that were given to me. This one is a Revelation 120. It seems to have more metal parts instead of the plastic thats often used for takedown of the rifle. The front sight is dovetailed in. Nice model overall. This rifle was in bad shape. The...
  6. Grandad's old gun

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    Hello from Gas City, Indiana. About 2 weeks ago my grandad handed me his old gun for my birthday. My eyes lit up. I knew exactly what it was. It was an early model Glenfield Model 60 with a squirrel stock. I knew it was an early-ish model because squirrel stocks ran from 1966-1982. My Glenfield...
  7. Marlin Model 60 History

    I just did a research article on the History of the Marlin Model 60. I would appreciate any and all feedback.
  8. Sling swivels to fit a new M 60 DLX?

    So I adopted a new Model 60 DLX from Cabela's last week. Would like to put a sling on it. The DLX already has the studs installed... does anyone know if the Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable Super Sling Swivel Set will fit the OE studs? These are the swivels I'm looking at: Uncle Mike's Quick...
  9. Model 99 tune-up

    Hello all. I tried to shoot my father's (originally purchased new by my grandmother) and it would not feed or shoot. It took about 1.5 seconds to determine crud was at fault. The rifle barrel says "Marlin Model 99," so I assume it is a late 50's early 60's model. I am very sure this is the...
  10. Glenfield Model 60

    I just picked up a Glenfield Model 60 today but I seem to be having an issue getting the tube magazine out. This appear to be a 1974 model I think. Serial starts with 2637xxxx. I have a new model 60 and had another when I was a kid but this tube seems to be different. I can't seem to turn the...
  11. Model 39 Article ii Rifle

    Marlin Collectors
    Hello, I am new to this forum. I purchased 2 Marlin firearms yesterday from my dads friend in desperate need of money. The First one is a Model 60 Semi Auto .22 caliber rifle. The Second is a Model 39 Article ii still in the box with original paperwork produced in 1971 with a 24 inch barrel I...
  12. Prodigal son returns...

    I have been ON MarlinOwners for some time now. I've BEEN a Marlin Owner before (12+ years ago). I have now come back to the tribe...:biggrin: Bought a Model 60 this afternoon. Test fired it within 40 minutes. Ran about 30 rounds, slow and rapid fire. Raised the rear sight one notch and was...
  13. Still making 60C?

    Hey folks, I'm new to the forum and searching for a model 60C (camo stock). I'm having a heck of a time finding one in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and then switched to searching online retailers. Every single seller I can find has shown it out of stock, so I started wondering if it's been...
  14. marlin model 60 sight options.

    Recently ran across one of those deals. guy had two marlin 60s. He said take both guns and make one gun type deal. one gun manufatured in 1995 needed a new trigger gaurd. where the rear bolt goes in had been broken. other gun needed a new set of rear sights and had some scratchs and scrapes on...
  15. hello from ky

    Welcome New Members
    Hello. nEwbie from ky. about a year ago i bought a mossberg 20ga shotgun. and for somereason ran across hydro dipping. So i decided to snake skin the stock and foregrip(pump). about the same time my nephew(8yrs old) wanted to learn of guns. I started him with bb guns. And then he tryed out my...
  16. Neat Story about a Marlin 39A Mountie

    Hello friends, I am new to this site and also have never blogged or threaded before. However as I am seeking information on some guns that I recently acquired in a trade, I thought I would post this story about a special 39A Mountie as i found it interesting. I am also looking to gain some face...
  17. Model 60 22lr problem

    Hello, my mom's boyfriend has a model 60. One day we were out shooting and we heard a loud crack, he got a screw driver and loosened the two screws at the bottom of the gun in front of and behind the trigger, and when he pulled it out, a plastic piece came falling out. I took it apart and...
  18. model 60 trigger reset issue, new disconnector no help

    Hi, I have a newer model 60 that is not firing correctly. When shooting it fires fine when manually cocked, but it will not fire semi auto I have cleaned this rifle with a fine tooth comb multiple times to no avail. After researching on here I replaced the disconnector spring along with the...
  19. model 60 jams when feeding

    I recently got a hold of my dads 1980 marlin model 60. I tore it down to clean and put it back together. My father passed away about 10 years ago and hasn't had a bullet fired through it in at least that long. With .22lr ammo being hard to come by i bought 50 rounds of remington ammo. I put 6...
  20. New Model 60 stock finish

    I just bought a new Model 60 and was wondering if it is necessary to apply some type of protective finish to the stock such as Tru Oil or something similar? Also if I wanted to give it more of a glossy finish would it need to be stripped first? Any insight you could give is appreciated!