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  1. Rimfires
    Hello all -- new guy here. I've inherited my Dad's Model 39 [not 39a] as shown in the photos. I know it's a valuable rifle to be passed down. It's missing the little spring-loaded button that locks the magazine [last photo]. Any thoughts on where I could find this little part? I've checked...
  2. Marlin Collectors
    Hello, I am new to this forum. I purchased 2 Marlin firearms yesterday from my dads friend in desperate need of money. The First one is a Model 60 Semi Auto .22 caliber rifle. The Second is a Model 39 Article ii still in the box with original paperwork produced in 1971 with a 24 inch barrel I...
  3. Rimfires
    Hi all. Here's a photo of the ejector assembly in my new-to-me 1976 39A. Is it installed backwards? The ejector arm retention screw doesn't do anything in any case--it rotates freely, won't back out, and the arm is stuck in it's current position. The assembly won't come out because the...
1-3 of 3 Results