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  1. New Marlin 60 misfire help

    Gun 1 - Brand new gun, Marlin 60SN. Thunderbolt Ammo. Cleaned gun before first use and went and shot 50 rounds - zero issues, worked perfect. Cleaned gun same day. Two weeks later. Same ammo. Same gun. Gun wouldn't eject one bullet. Not one. All fired that were chambered, it just...
  2. 39A misfiring

    Welcome New Members
    I just got my first Marlin (Golden 39A) and have issues with it firing consistently (every 3rd or 4th round does not fire). I checked the ammo in a Ruger 22 and it fired every single time, so I don't think it is the ammo. The imprint of the firing pin on the cartridge that did not go off looks...
  3. .444 H&R misfires

    The 444 Marlin
    I am new to this but I wanted to get the word out about major misfire issues I have with my H&R .444 and seek help. I was hunting Michigan's firearm season last week and I stalked within 15 yards of the biggest buck we have on our property. He stood up, I had him right where he needed to be in...
  4. model 60 trigger reset issue, new disconnector no help

    Hi, I have a newer model 60 that is not firing correctly. When shooting it fires fine when manually cocked, but it will not fire semi auto I have cleaned this rifle with a fine tooth comb multiple times to no avail. After researching on here I replaced the disconnector spring along with the...
  5. Marlin Model 60 Misfires

    I have an old Model 60 that my Dad bought at least 20 years ago and essentially, hasn't been fired since. The other day I decided to see if it still worked and after sitting in our garage for years, I put around 15 to 30 rounds through it and it only misfired once or twice. The very next day I...