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  1. Marlin Collectors
    HI guys first post on here. I recently purchased what i believe is a model 1889. i ran the serial #66542 and all i could find was that it was manufactured in 1892. Naturally i did some more research and found a website that shows basically every variant of the model 1889...except then one i...
  2. Ranger Point Precision
    We recently completed a custom Marlin LeveRecon build for a customer headed out for an Alaska moose hunt (see the pic of the huge bear track he found while on the hunt!). His butt stock and forearm were coated in our new textured, durable, all-weather coating. Turned out to be the perfect "tough...
  3. Ranger Point Precision
    We've always loved Marlin lever actions - the superb handling, traditional beauty, and rapid rate of fire. We cherish our Marlin lever actions because they feel right, look right, and shoot right. We enjoy their classic lines and superb handling almost as much as we enjoy hunting with them...
1-3 of 4 Results