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marlin jam

  1. 1894 CB Ltd

    Hi all, I have a Marlin Model'1984 CB Ltd' in Cal. .357/.38 Spl.. The installed Carrier is malfunctioning, and needs a replacement. I have various parts and gunsmith recommendations, including the current 'Marlin group'. But based on the 'Remlin' comments over the last several years. I do...
  2. 1894 Jam Strory, your thoughts?

    Hi all, I just had to post this to vent some steam and hopefully get some advice on how to best proceed, might be a bit lengthy, your patience is appreciated. First off, I am here in Germany, firearms, and especially parts are not as commonly available as you might be used to if you live in a...
  3. Experienced the Dreaded Marlin Jam the first time out with my '82 1894

    TEAM 1894
    I went to the range yesterday afternoon and after the first two rounds, experienced what appears to be the Marlin Jam. This was not unexpected as I was informed of this possibility when I purchased the gun. It was part of an estate sale and a knowledgeable Marlin shooter had warned me of this...
  4. New Owner 1894 Questions

    New Production 1894 Questions Hello All, I am a new member but have been a visitor to MarlinOwner forum for years. I have used information and resources found on this site to trouble shoot and smooth out issues that I had on a "Remlin" 336, which I am happy to say runs great now. I...
  5. Marlin jam

    Hi I am a newbie. I have a new Marlin 336 which is starting to jam on the first or second round. I only load 5 rounds at a time and the jam is quite random. I made 5 dummy rounds I resized the brass with bullet and fitted a spent primer. Obviously with no powder and the case is the same length...