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  1. Team 60
    Rifle is a 1971 Glenfield Model 60, 18 shot. The inner magazine tube doesn't lock tightly into the outer magazine tube any longer. It's loose enough that when pointing the rifle down, the inner tube may slide out. I seem to recall reading about this as a common issue for this rifle but can't...
  2. Rimfires
    Gun 1 - Brand new gun, Marlin 60SN. Thunderbolt Ammo. Cleaned gun before first use and went and shot 50 rounds - zero issues, worked perfect. Cleaned gun same day. Two weeks later. Same ammo. Same gun. Gun wouldn't eject one bullet. Not one. All fired that were chambered, it just...
    Hello everyone, This is my 3rd gun and my very first 22lr. I got it at an amazing deal from Turners for $40 and I have to say, being in California and owning anything that's capable of more than 10 rounds (18. yessss) is somewhat dreamy for me and I am completely in love with this gun! I am...
  4. Rimfires
    I just did a research article on the History of the Marlin Model 60. I would appreciate any and all feedback.
  5. Rimfires
    I have a few Marlin firearms - Model 56, Camp 9, Camp 45, 1894 Limited Edition .357, 1894 Limited Edition .44 & a Model 103 Sport King pistol - but no .22LR semi-automatic rifle. I have a couple of cases of Remington Target ammo from CMP, but my S&W M&P 15-22 doesn't like the Rem ammo. Does...
  6. 336
    Hi all! I haven't been on here for a few months, but thought I'd drop by. :beerglass: Santa was most generous to me, so I ended up with some new family members: a Marlin 336W and a Marlin 60C. I've always wanted a lever gun, and the 336 is my very first. After reading some horror stories...
  7. Rimfires
    I have a .22 LR that I need to identify. It was purchased around 1970. It is similar to the model 60 but shorter and has a m1 carbine look to it. The action is the same as the Model 60 but it is shorter and holds fewer rounds. I can post a photo if needed. Thanks
  8. Rimfires
    Howdy folks. I recently purchased a Marlin 60 DLX 50th anniv. edition after reading about them online. So this special model was to commemorate 50 years of production from 1960-2010, and it was supposedly limited to 10,000 rifles. From what I can gather on the intarweb, the first 200 had serial...
1-8 of 8 Results