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  1. Rimfires
    How difficult is it to replace the magazine tube on a Marlin 39M. This gun is at an auction and the magazine tube is pretty rusty it doesn't look like the barrel has any rust but I can't be sure until the magazine tube is pulled off. I was thinking about trying to buy it, if it goes cheap enough...
  2. Rimfires
    A few weeks ago, I found this Marlin 39M (1973) in a local gunshop for 150 euros. The mag tube was loose. I have fixed the loose mag tube and put on it a Skinner sight and a fiber optic front. The Marlin 39M is a handsome little rifle.
  3. Rimfires
    My Dad bought a Marlin Article II 39M in 1971 at a Woolworth in central Kansas. My young (at the time) Mom threw away the box during a move to Missouri and Dad cussed about that for years! This gun stayed in the same brown vinyl gun sheath for more years than I care to admit and I can NEVER...
1-3 of 3 Results